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This website is under development

Items being considered include:

1)  Cultivating Cosmic Consciousness material could/should be copyrighted and made visible (with appropriate background provided for those who are newbies).

2) Authority/Authenticity........

Often new ideas are extensions of existing ideas that can be cited to give authority. Authenticity/validity/efficacy will probably have to affirmed by each critical/discerning reader. Does it speak to them? Does it ring true? Does it make sense? Is it helpful in their life? Does it stimulate more thought? Is it logical? Does it map onto their life experiences? Does it offer hope? Does it make things clearer? .......

Seems, your authenticity is derived from the content of your message - you personally tend to incorporate a broad perspective that ranges from the cosmos to the molecule (with citations along the way) - that alone gives you authenticity for your ideas.

3) "...the encased seed (life experiences) feeding the sprout of our unlived life coming to fruition."

3) "Summer Solstice 2010" by.   E. Gail Steeves

4) Announcement/Ceremony Program under "what is partnership"

5) From Age-ing to Sage-ing Sermon (edited)

6) our bios become the material we reflect upon for story form...ideas passed through human experiences that can be shared (abstract theories become concrete narratives) in Tab, in our INTJ profile means that I have a male mind; while you have female intuition.
What an interesting combination for our conscious loving journey.Tab 4.

7) title: Our Turn, a creative interchange on topics from peace and justice issues to the new cosmololgy of quantum thought.
Introduction: When Gail and Milt first met some 25 years ago, in their early 40s, they began an interchange they couldn't deepen at that time in their individual lives. Now in their late 60's, they have been able to join their lives and continue their conversation...and they are inviting you to join them as they turn their life experiences into shared wisdom.
TABS: Tab 1) on the ageing to sageing idea, perhaps redrafting my sermon on the topic, in which I refer to the Rabbi's book, etc.) Tab 2) Seminarium:
taking nature as text and transormation, and as a Transcendentalist tool for doing the inner years of work on this. Tab 3} Peace and Justice (the so what of doing the inner work), perhaps beginning with reflecting on what each of us was doing during and learned from the lunar landing in 1969.
on to eco justice issues: the source of conflict as corporate exploitation continues and global warming increases. Tab 4) Conscious loving (doing the inner work in partnership...what is working or not, etc. Tab 5) Wistful
Thniking: emerging quantum concepts and how they affect humn lives, etc. i.e.
did we set this dynamic into motion?

8) notes: Obama – speech – space program  - start at July 20, 1969   - Gail’s starting point – Milt’s starting – incongruity – two different experiences – eco justice – rain forests  -- 8 presidents – same message about addiction to oil – still no real progress – why? Suggestions?  Use of cumulative life experiences

9) Forum on, for, of, about Spiritual Eldering


         About Spiritual Eldering

              Excerpts from the Rabbi's book


         About Cosmology  

             Overview and history (...Emerson, Thoreau, Eiseley, Berry, Swimme,....)

             Lead in - thread to the expanded concept of peace, peacefulness (absence of violence/barriers to growth, to evolution and presence of opportunities for growth / increased consciousness / cosmic evolution)

          About Peace

              Current definition (absence of violence and presence of opportunities)

              Expanded concept of violence (physical, emotional, verbal, structural,…)  

                      More on Structural Violence

          About Us (Optional)


     Issues viewed through Different Lenses

            Oil Spill in the Gulf

                        Cosmological Perspective

                        Peace Perspective

                           (example of structural violence on the global level – affecting Gaia, humans, animals, plants)                



       Resignation of Helen Thomas (good?  not so good?)

       War in ……

10)  Mission Statements (personal/combined)

11)  Design Features

General Web Site Design Elements

1) Typically an image/animation appears at the top that visually relates to one’s mission

2) Below the image (brand) is a horizontal “navigation bar” that focuses on your “programs/projects/mission”

3) A vertical navigation bar (either on the left or right) is added to focus on the organization/people behind the web site

4) The center is then devoted to brief descriptions of your current emphasis as a combination of text/still images/video clips/animations/links to other resources   

Reference to your past work could appear within the vertical navigation bar (e.g. “Publications by Gail”) and provide the links to Amazon, Skinner, ….

Reference to future work might be woven into the fabric of our current mission and appear in the horizontal navigation bar (e.g. “Consciousness in Work”) 

Summary. There are three basic filing cabinets.  Horizontal one contains drawers/tabs that link to “our work.”  Vertical one contains info/tabs/links to more information “about us.”  The center one contains today’s topic of interest and links to more detailed information.



The problem of violence is a many layered one, and its solution will be, as well.  Violence occurs in many forms: e.g. physical, verbal, emotional, etc.  Individuals can act violently. Groups, organizations, and businesses can act violently. Governments can act violently.  

" Violence is any action that prevents a person from reaching their human potential"  Johan Galtung.  

While no one action -- governmental or otherwise -- will provide a single solution to such an entrenched and deeply rooted problem, we must treat the problem itself as an all-systems breakdown requiring an all-systems response.

Throughout America, there are numerous peace-builders and peace-building projects. Those skilled in ameliorating the effects of violence - from conflict resolution experts to nonviolent communicators - have proven their effectiveness at treating root causes of violence.

"Peace is a never ending process... it is an attitude, a way of life, a way of solving problems and resolving conflict."    Oscar Arias Sanchez, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Peace is more than the absence of violence.   The peacefulness of a society can be measured by how well it applies the principles of nonviolence to minimize violence AND how well it provides opportunities for each of its members to reach their human potential.   When a society utilizes the full potential of all its members, it acquires strength i.e. "Strength through Peace."